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The 48 Day Cycle Set

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The 48-Day Cycle is our special kit that works best to eliminate wrinkles, acne scars, dark circles, sensitivity, and clogged pores. The 48 Day Cycle is a biologically confirmed regiment that includes the use of 20 masks total, which covers the Permeation Stage (details below). The result of the 48-Day Cycle sets the foundation for skin’s firmness, purity, and rejuvenation. To achieve optimal results, this kit includes essential products that further boost the restorative properties of the masks.


Our set includes:

20 Whitening Rejuvenating Collagen Masks

50ml Gentle Facial Cleanser

30ml Cellular Regenerative Day Cream

30ml Cellular Comforting Night Cream

25ml Cellular Repairing Serum

100ml Gentle Hydrating Essense

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Stage 1

The infusion stage offers the most intensive treatment to fatigued and problematic skin. During this stage we recommend using the Whitening Rejuvenating Collagen Mask daily for six consecutive days to achieve MiriatinTM’s maximum restorative power.

Stage 2

The repairing stage is the essential phase during which the healthy flow of nutrients among six layers is established, and the skin’s self-repair process is revitalized. Using Whitening Rejuvenating Collagen Mask once every other day for a period of 14 days helps unleash the skin’s vitality.


Stage 3

The blooming stage is the nourishing phase that helps to consistently stabilize skin’s pH balance, oil and water balance, and metabolism balance as your skin concerns disappear.


Stage 4

The maintaining stages helps to maintain your skin perfection by applying the Whitening Rejuvenating Collagen Mask just once a week. To avoid the appearance of sagging, wrinkles, and dark spots on your skin and fight against aging concerns, please persistently use this mask in order for your skin to stay in a glamorous state forever.


1. Why do I have to use Amaranthum skin care products as a set?

Based on our scientific experiment, the 48 Day Rejuvenating Program is designed to closely follow the body’s cellular metabolism cycle, which will allow the skin cells to absorb the nutrients easily and quickly.


2. Can I wear makeup while using the Whitening Rejuvenating Collagen Mask?

We don’t recommend applying foundation or facial makeup that contains chemical components while using the mask. However, eye and lip makeups are permitted.


3. Do I need to use the 48 Day Rejuvenating Program?

Yes, it is the best choice for those desiring perfect skin through natural ingredients.


4. How to apply the masks?

After washing the face with Gentle Facial Cleanser, open the mask packet and deposit the powder into elastic bowl. Take 21 grams of water with the measuring cup, and add into the bowl. Quickly stir until the powder gets a thick yogurt texture. Apply the mask evenly onto all surfaces of the face quickly, including eyebrows, eyelid, and under eye area. Lay down in bed for 30-40 minutes for maximum results. The mask will harden and in 40 minutes, take a wet soft cloth and place onto your face. The water from the towel will soften the mask, making removal quick and easy.


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5 Comments on The 48 Day Cycle Set

  • New York
  • 25 - 34
  • Combination
  • The Miracle Set
June, 27, 2018

I followed the 48-day cycle routine and kept using the masks. It turned out that my skin is literally glowing. And I don't need to use foundation or any powder from now on. With a little eye makeup, I am good to go!

  • New York
  • 25 - 34
  • Sensitive
  • The Holy Grail
May, 15, 2018

I had always had great skin up until moving to New York six years ago. I started to get a lot of flare-ups during the winter season around my cheeks and it had gotten to the point that putting any product on my face brought me physical pain. I had been searching for the right product that is gentle enough to put I my face but also effective enough to prevent future irritations during winter. I had tried every brand out there, La Mer, la prairie, you name it. I had accepted that my skin is supposed to hurt when I put product on my face. But then my friend whose mom was using this line at the time introduced me to Amaranthum. I can lie, my initial reaction was that the price tag is no joke, but then I thought to myself, this is way less money than what I paid for for all of the products that didn't end up fixing my skin, so I gave it a try. I am so glad I did, for the first time in years, my checks didn't hurt when I put the cream directly over my problem areas. Merely two weeks later, my skin is completely back to normal and after an year of using this line, I'm happy to say that my skin does not react to the dry wintry New York winter anymore. I have found THE HOLY GRAIL.

  • New York
  • 25 - 34
  • Dry
May, 15, 2018

I had always had great skin up until I moved to New York six years ago. My skin started to get a lot of flare-ups during the winter season and it had gotten to the point that putting products on my face brings me physical pain, like my cheeks were just burning.

  • New York
  • 35 - 44
  • Combination
  • In 48 days only, skin concerns were all resolved and improved!
May, 11, 2018

It really works! I bought this set for my mom as her birthday gift. She didn’t believe it at first since she had tried so many products from other luxury brands and did not see any difference. But after keeping it up for 48 days and following the different stages as instructed, her skin had a dramatic change and she was so happy afterward! Now that it works for her, I’m thinking of getting one set for myself too!

  • Fremont/CA
  • 45 - 54
  • Combination
  • Good product
April, 20, 2018

Good product !

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