Gentle Hydrating Set

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The Gentle Hydrating set is the essential foundation duo for hydration. While the Gentle Facial Cleanser removes daily dirt and excess oils to cleanse pores, the Gentle Hydrating Essence keeps the skin hydrated and locks nutrients and water into skin cells. 


The Gentle Hydrating Set is designed for all skin types to provide a hydrating foundation for the following skincare processes.


Gentle Facial Cleanser removes daily dirt and excess oils to cleanse pores and moisturizes the skin deeply while brings out smooth, flawless, luminant skin.


Gentle Hydrating Essence keeps your skin hydrated all day long while effectively secures the nutrients and water within each cell.


Included in the set:

Gentle Facial Cleanser (50ml)

Gentle Hydrating Essence (100ml)

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         Aloe                                      Asteriscus                               Kelp

How to Use

Take a small pearl-sized amount of cleansing foam onto wet hands. Add some cold water and rub hands together to increase foam. Gently massage over skin, avoiding the eye region. Rinse off. Apply routine twice a day in the morning and evening.

Sprinkle an almond size of Gentle Hydrating Essence into hands, and tap gently and evenly into face to enhance absorption.


1.1.1 While using gentle facial Cleanser, it does not generate foam like other cleansers, why is it the case?

Cleansers that generate rich foam usually contain a chemical called phosphorus, which washes off the dirt, grease, and causes dry, itching, and skin peeling problems at the same time. Moreover, phosphorus is a strong base that will bring a lot side effects to our skin. However, Amaranthum Gentle Facial Cleanser is weakly acidic, which helps to deeply clean your skin and control skin balancing in the long run.


1.1.2 Does Amaranthum provide any facial exfoliator cleansers that are usually used twice per month?

Stratum corneum is the outset barrier of the cuticular layer, it is composed of 15-20 layers dead skin cells with no cell nucleus. It helps to lock down the moisture and keeps the skin moisturized. To let it fall off naturally, Amaranthum respects the law of natural growth, repairs the skin in a relatively safer way, and renews the skin effectively without causing dryness, skin sensitivity, and coarse pore.


1.1.3 Why do I have to use cold water to wash my face everyday?

Using warm/hot water will cause the following problems: coarse pore, skin dryness, and skin peeling. However, using cold water can contract your facial blood vessels to not only minimize pores, but also increase the skin elasticity.


1.1.4 From a professional point of view, how often should I clean my face?

It is most appropriate to clean your face twice a day in the morning and evening. If you wash more than twice, it will destroy the skin protection layer resulting in skin sensitivity. If your skin encounters excess oil and acne problems, we recommend you to use our Daily Hydrating Set and 48 Day Rejuvenating Program.


1.2 How much should I use and if my face is very dry, can I use more than the regular amount?

People use a different amount of the lotion based on your own situations. If your skin is very dry, we recommend you to apply the regular amount as suggested and repeat the steps until your skin does not absorb any Essence, like a mirror.


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3 Comments on Gentle Hydrating Set

  • New York
  • 25 - 34
  • Dry
  • The Pair for Dry Skin
June, 27, 2018

I will say this is the one for all dry skin. Both of them saves me from feeling dry all the time!

  • New York
  • 25 - 34
  • Combination
  • The best daily soothing skincare set!
May, 11, 2018

Absolutely love this set! I have combination skin and have tried so many products, but they are either leave my face too oily or too dry. This set keeps my skin fresh and glowing, without any hard feelings.

Meng Ai
  • New York City
  • 25 - 34
  • Combination
  • Amazing!
April, 29, 2018

My girlfriend bought it for both of us and I’m so grateful! I’ve been using the product for a week now and the result is very obvious. My skin is much brighter and smoother. Very elegant packaging too. A great gifting idea also!! Highly recommend.

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