Daily Regenerating Set

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The Daily Regenerating Set provides the complexion with daily essential nutrients. We use our special probiotic, Miriatin, to break the ingredients into tiny particles that guarantee complete absorption by the skin cells. With our Daily Set, Amaranthum redefines the concept of skincare protection, as caring for your skin has never been so simple and effortless. Begin your journey with Amaranthum, and get ready to experience the care, comfort, and that radiant glow we will deliver to your skin.  


Gentle Facial Cleanser removes daily dirt and excess oils to cleanse pores and moisturizes the skin deeply while brings out smooth, flawless, luminant skin.


Gentle Hydrating Essence keeps your skin hydrated all day long while effectively secures the nutrients and water within each cell.


Cellular Repairing Serum is an essential product for repairing damaged skin cells, improving cell respiration, and improving skin quality powerfully.


Cellular Regenerative Day Cream moisturizes the skin while adding nutrients to promote cell metabolism. It increases the skin cell elasticity, leaving your skin feeling strong, invigorated, and luminous.


Cellular Comforting Night Cream increases the skin cells elasticity, and works to eradicate rashes, redness, and allergies by thickening the skin; ultimately, improving these conditions.


Included in the set:

Gentle Facial Cleanser (50ml)

Gentle Hydrating Essence  (100ml)

Cellular Repairing Serum (25ml)

Cellular Regenerative Day Cream (30ml)

Cellular Comforting Night Cream (30ml)

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Forsythia SuspensaKelpPanax Notoginseng

      Forsythia Suspensa                    Kelp                               Panax Notoginseng

How to Use

Take a small pearl-sized amount of cleansing foam onto wet hands. Add some cold water and rub hands together to increase foam. Gently massage over skin, avoiding the eye region. Rinse off. Apply routine twice a day in the morning and evening.


Sprinkle an almond size of Gentle Hydrating Essence into hands, and tap gently and evenly into face to enhance absorption.


After cleansing and applying toner, apply a pearl-sized amount of serum onto fingertips. Start from the inner facial skin and gradually move hands to your outer facial skin. Continue this motion until serum is fully absorbed.


Every morning, apply a pearl-sized amount of day cream on the face and neck, after having used both toner and serum. Pat skin lightly in order to get faster absorption.


Every night, apply a pearl-sized amount of night cream on the face, after having used Gentle Facial Cleanser. Pat skin lightly in order to get faster absorption.


1.1.1 While using gentle facial Cleanser, it does not generate foam like other cleansers, why is it the case?

Cleansers that generate rich foam usually contain a chemical called phosphorus, which washes off the dirt, grease, and causes dry, itching, and skin peeling problems at the same time. Moreover, phosphorus is a strong base that will bring a lot of side effects to our skin. However, Amaranthum Gentle Facial Cleanser is weakly acidic, which helps to deeply clean your skin and control skin balancing in the long run.


1.1.2 Why do I have to use cold water to wash my face every day?

Using warm/hot water can cause enlarged pores, dryness, and peels. However, using cold water can contract the facial blood vessels, which not only minimizes pores but also increases skin elasticity.


1.1.3 Froma professional point of view, how often should I clean my face?

It is most appropriate to clean your face twice a day in the morning and evening. If you wash more than twice, it will destroy the skin’s protective layer resulting in skin sensitivity problems. If your skin encounters excess oil and acne problems, we recommend you to use our Daily Hydrating Set and 48 Day Rejuvenating Program.


1.2.1 Is the Cellular Repairing Serum designed for people in all the age groups?

Yes, this product is suitable to all those who are experiencing problems with dryness, wrinkles, and dark circles.


1.2.2 Can I use the Cellular Repairing Serum around my eye area?

We strongly recommend applying the Cellular Repairing Serum to the eye area. All the Amaranthum products are 100% naturally made with no chemical additives.


1.2.3 My skin is extremely dry, can I use more than the standard amount listed in your direction?

Please apply only a pearl-sized amount of serum onto fingertips each time. If the serum is absorbed instantaneously, please repeat the above step for one time.


1.3 Cellular Regenerative Day Cream

1.3.1 Why is it important to use the day cream with night cream together?

The Day Cream protects the skin from harmful radicals during the day and the Night Cream rejuvenates the skin at night time. In addition, the active ingredients in the Day Cream give a powerful boost to the properties in the Night Cream, allowing the skin to powerfully and quickly rebuild.


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  • New York
  • 25 - 34
  • Dry
  • My Only Daily Skincare Set
June, 27, 2018

This amazing set definitely meets all my daily skincare routine demand.

  • Irvine, CA
  • 18 - 24
  • Oily
  • WOW! Amazing Products
May, 16, 2018

Personally, I do have an oily but also sensitive skin. My skin gets oily and red super easily. My best friend from New York recommended this brand to me and now I've been using this line for half year already. I have seen a dramatic improvement on my face. I am super happy now that my face is no longer oily or red all day. Also, their customer service is amazing. They asked me a lot of questions about my skin concerns and keep me on track with my facial routines.

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