Cellular Regenerative Day Cream

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Cellular Regenerative Day Cream moisturizes the skin while adding nutrients to promote cellular metabolism. In increasing the skin’s elasticity, our day cream leaves your skin strong, invigorated, and luminous. 

Size: 30ml

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Key Ingredients

Forsythia SuspensaPanax NotoginsengChameleon Plant

        Forsythia Suspensa        Panax Notoginseng        Chameleon Plant

How to Use

Every morning after applying toner and serum, apply a pearl-sized amount of day cream on the face and neck. Pat skin lightly in order to get faster absorption.


1. Why is it important to use the day cream with night cream together?

The Day Cream protects the skin from harmful radicals during the day and the Night Cream rejuvenates the skin at night time. In addition, the active ingredients in the Day Cream give a powerful boost to the properties in the Night Cream, allowing the skin to powerfully and quickly rebuild.


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3 Comments on Cellular Regenerative Day Cream

  • New York
  • 35 - 44
  • Dry
  • Love this cream!
June, 27, 2018

It's not that thick and not that light. It has this ink smell. So special.

  • Los Angeles
  • 45 - 54
  • Sensitive
  • Perfect Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin
May, 11, 2018

I used this daydream every morning. Unlike other creams, it has a gentle herb smell which I really like. It applies so smoothly and absorbs right away, leaving skin soft and smooth. This is perfect for sensitive skin and does not leave skin feel too oily or dried out after. I’m also planning to get the night cream from Amaranthum as well!

Jiazeng Ge
  • Florida, USA
  • 18 - 24
  • Oily
  • Great product! I will keep using it!
April, 10, 2018

This product is very moisturizing! I really love the texture and smell of the product! I have been using Amaranthum for almost 2 years now and I will keep using it!

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