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Forsythia Suspensa

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Forsythia Suspensa provides multiple benefits to the skin. Renowned for its anti-inflammatory power, forsythia suspensa is ideal for calming congested, acne-prone skin. It can be used to reduce discoloration and the appearance of freckles.  


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Regarded as one of the most powerful herbs in chinese medicine, liquorice is lauded for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, which help to calm and detoxify the skin. It also prevents free radical damage and regulates the amount of melanin in cells.


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The essence of malt is rich in protein and vitamin E, which can strengthen the elasticity of skin by detoxifying and moisturizing it. It can also maintain the integrity of cell membrane and thus repair the fragile, damaged skin.


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It can eliminate pouch under the eyes while reduce redness and increase circulation to invigorate dull, tired complexions. Its coolness can balance the grease of skin and promote metabolism. By effectively reducing oil, removing acne and shrinking pores, it can make skin tender and translucent.

Sophora Flavescens

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Sophora flavescens was adored by concubines in ancient China for its rebalancing and pore-refining effects. It effectively controls excess sebum production and detoxifies the skin.


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Panaxoside is among these compounds and is known for its anti-aging and immunity-boosting powers. Ginseng also effectively prevents fine lines and discoloration while acting as a metabolism accelerator that increases blood circulation of the skin.